Use Your Etsy Conversion Rate To Boost Sales

etsy conversion rate

Why Care About Your Etsy Conversion Rate? Let’s talk today about your Etsy conversion rate. Why? Because when you know your Etsy conversion rate, you can create a solid strategy for growth. (One that doesn’t rely on Etsy’s ever-changing algorithm and mysterious experimentation!) If you’re not sure what I mean by conversion rate, you should […]

Why You Should Use Etsy When Starting An Online Craft Business

starting an online craft business

I had a conversation last week with a friend who asked me, “So how is Etsy?” People ask me that a lot, so it wasn’t an odd question overall. What was odd though, is that she was waiting to hear all of my woes about a marketplace gone bad. Etsy is not perfect…for sure!¬†Even with […]

Finding Your Niche On Etsy

finding your niche on etsy

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should If you’re at all creative, you’re probably able to make a variety of handmade items. This does not mean you have to sell everything¬†you are able to make. In fact, many Etsy shop owners make the mistake of starting too broad. They know they can make knitted […]