4 Easy Steps To Find Keywords for Your Etsy Tags and Titles

Why Are Etsy Tags and Titles Important? Most sellers know that their Etsy tags and titles are the key to getting their listings found in search. But how do you go about finding the best keywords to use in your tags and titles when you’re overwhelmed with the research, at a loss for long-tail ideas, […]

An Etsy Search & Etsy SEO Primer for Sellers

In this Etsy SEO basics article, I’m going back to the beginning and approaching Etsy search from a foundational perspective. We’ll start with a general definition of SEO. Then we’ll specifically discuss the Etsy search process. Finally, we’ll identify some key factors that will help you make positive changes in order to get found in […]

Etsy SEO Grades: Why An “A” Isn’t Good Enough

It seems these days that Etsy sellers are extraordinarily concerned with their Etsy SEO grades. Etsy SEO Grades Make Optimization Simple You know what I’m talking about, right? The listing report that you get on eRank or Marmalead that tells you if your listing SEO has earned an A, B, C, and so on? These […]

How to Write Etsy Titles

Why Should We Care About Etsy Listing Titles? The question of how to write Etsy titles is a critical issue in the Etsy SEO discussion. Your Etsy title is one of the most important parts of your Etsy listing.  It not only supplements your photos to help customers understand exactly what you’re offering in your […]

How to Do Etsy Keyword Research With EtsyRank

etsy keyword research with etsyrank

Making A Case For Etsy Keyword Research If you’re here, you probably already know that Etsy keyword research is important. In fact, you’re probably ready to learn the strategy and get out of here. But before we rush into anything, let’s chat for a minute about why Etsy keyword research is the most important thing […]