What To Sell On Etsy: 10 Questions To Help You Decide

what to sell on etsy

Choosing what to sell on Etsy can be a challenge. Whether you’re just starting your handmade business or you’re simply adding new products to your existing Etsy store, it’s wise to think critically about the products you are considering selling. So, with your product idea in mind, consider the following questions before deciding what to […]

Why You Should Use Etsy When Starting An Online Craft Business

starting an online craft business

I had a conversation last week with a friend who asked me, “So how is Etsy?” People ask me that a lot, so it wasn’t an odd question overall. What was odd though, is that she was waiting to hear all of my woes about a marketplace gone bad. Etsy is not perfect…for sure!¬†Even with […]

Should You Take Custom Orders?

Should You Take Custom Orders? Should you take custom orders? It’s the age old question wondered by Etsy sellers throughout history (at least the history of Etsy)… I will share my own story in this post and provide you with some resources that helped me decide what to do. Ultimately, however, you are the only […]