My Favorite Fonts For Creative Business Owners

fonts for creative business

Fonts For Creative Business Owners I know there are a lot of free fonts out there. They are fine to use for personal projects, but when it comes to choosing fonts for your creative business, you want to protect yourself with a commercial license. Below are a variety of my favorites fonts for creative business […]

Finding Your Niche On Etsy

finding your niche on etsy

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should If you’re at all creative, you’re probably able to make a variety of handmade items. This does not mean you have to sell everything¬†you are able to make. In fact, many Etsy shop owners make the mistake of starting too broad. They know they can make knitted […]

Creating a Logo for Your Handmade Business

creating a logo for your handmade business

Creating a logo for your handmade business is an essential part of your branding strategy. Your logo will help potential customers understand who you are and get a feel for what they can expect from your business. You will also use it everywhere, so it’s important to be thoughtful about your design choices. Your goal […]