Dear Creator,

How do you define success in your creative business? Is it making 100 sales on Etsy? Is it earning a little bit of cash to support your crafting hobby, pay your bills, or take your family on vacation? Is it making enough money to quit your day job to pursue your dreams full-time?

We may all define success differently, but we can probably agree that building a creative business isn’t as easy as the outside world thinks it is.

Not only do we MAKE the things we sell, but we also must be experts in all areas of business: marketing, graphic design, photography, sales, communication, accounting…Does it ever stop? (And would we want it to?)

I know how you feel. I’m a creative business owner, too. A part-time creative business owner, in fact. I don’t have a six-figure business and I haven’t left my full-time job to follow my passion.

I have, however, created a successful creative business that highlights my strengths and complements my lifestyle. This means that:

  • I sell at a pace that I can handle (minus the panic attacks.)
  • I create products that resonate with my values.
  • I’ve systematized my business so that I don’t have to miss time with my family.
  • I make enough profit that I can help my household make major purchases and improvements.
  • I am confident that if I wanted to make more sales, I could.
  • I am proud of my business.

None of this happened overnight. In fact, I tried and failed at A LOT of things. I’ve set up shop on at least 8 different selling platforms, spent months creating a product line only to realize that I hate making those products, lived in anxiety-filled fear that I would have to make one more custom order that I didn’t know if I could handle. I’ve filled my basement with inventory, sacrificing time that I could have spent with family and friends to take my chances at craft shows. I set up shop on Etsy then wondered why, month after month, I wasn’t getting any sales.

I’m not saying that anyone can avoid all of this trial-and-error when building a creative business. In fact, I think it’s probably necessary. I am saying, though, you shouldn’t have to go at it alone.

I created this website because I want to support and encourage you as you define success for your own creative business.

I love to see makers succeed (especially the makers who work as hard as I do!) And if you’ve ever had the *JOY* of having a booth next to mine at a craft show all weekend, you know that I enthusiastically want to help you with your online business. (“Hi, I’m Elissa, and this weekend, we’re going to open your Etsy store, create a marketing plan, develop systems for running a profitable online business, and defeat self-doubt! YAY!)

I am passionate about learning everything there is to know about building a creative business, and I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you. I research extensively before I publish, and I attempt to break it down in a way that makes sense. (Did I mention that I am a public school teacher by day?)

So here’s the plan: we’re going to work on our creative businesses together. I’m going to keep learning, and you’re going to use this knowledge to build a creative business that you can love. No pressure. Just honest feedback and guidance from someone who has been there. (I picture us sitting on my deck with our favorite beverages, having casual but in-depth conversations about our businesses…I have a vivid imagination.)

So let’s get started. I can’t wait to see the business you build.