How to Write Etsy Titles

Why Should We Care About Etsy Listing Titles?

The question of how to write Etsy titles is a critical issue in the Etsy SEO discussion.

Your Etsy title is one of the most important parts of your Etsy listing.  It not only supplements your photos to help customers understand exactly what you’re offering in your listing, but when written well, your Etsy title will also help you get better search placement. This is because the words in your Etsy title aid the search engine in recognizing that your item is relevant for a customer’s search.

So how can we write Etsy titles that a.) are readable and useful for customers and b.) improve your Etsy SEO?

Because the Etsy search algorithm is becoming more complex, there is no longer only one correct way to write your Etsy listing titles. In fact, what one expert suggests may actually completely contradict what another (equally competent) expert swears is the secret formula.

The thing is, there are no secret formulas. That’s an old way of thinking, and we need to evolve.

Instead, I’d suggest that you take a look at these different methods of writing Etsy listing titles and think about what you might want to try for your shop. If your views and visits have been dropping, why not try something new? Please note that I do not suggest changing all of your listings all at once! The point is to do small experiments to see what is going to work in your shop.

How to Write Etsy Titles: 5 Methods

Method #1: Straightforward Keyword Listing Approach

To use this approach to listing title writing, you’ll need to make a list of keyword ideas, research them (read more about keyword research here), and then simply write your best ideas in your title. You’ll then copy and paste all of your keyword phrases into your tags.

These titles tend to look something like this:

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver Earrings for Women, Earring Gifts for Women, Simple Sterling Silver Earrings…


  • This kind of title is fairly easy to write. It simply requires keyword research to find terms that customers are using to search.
  • This type of title has also been historically effective for Etsy SEO.


  • This title is not necessarily customer-friendly. Shoppers don’t want to read titles that are composed entirely of keyword phrases  when sorting through search results.
  • The other aspect to note is that this title is fairly stuffed with keywords. Etsy has publicly stated that keyword stuffing will soon work against sellers.


If you’re just starting out with Etsy SEO, I’d suggest giving this method a try. Many sellers use it and are regularly found in search. Keep an eye on your stats though, to make sure your keywords remain relevant.

Method #2: Focus Keyword Strategy

To use this strategy for writing listing titles, you’ll need to amp up your keyword research skills. Go to either Marmalead or EtsyRank, and find yourself one super high-quality keyword (for each listing). You’re looking for a phrase that is nearly perfect…all green. If you have to make compromises, you’ll want to focus on engagement and/or demand rather than competition.

When you find your perfect keyword, you’re going to want to put it at the front of your title. What you do with your title after that is kind of up to you. You may want to add additional keyword phrases or details about your listing.

The goal of this strategy is to do your best to rank for your focus keyword. This means that in addition to writing your focus keyword at the beginning of the title,  you’ll want to write it in the first sentence of your listing description as well as using it as a tag.

Both of the following examples use this method of title writing, focusing on the keyword wood sign.

One Example:
Home Sweet Home Wood Sign –  8×11 Inch White Upcycled Sign

The focus keyword, wood sign, is the second phrase at the beginning of the title. I put the more specific phrase, home sweet home, before the focus keyword because it sounded better that way. I tried to make my listing customer-friendly by giving useful information after the focus keyword.

Another Example:

Wood Sign, Home Sweet Home Sign, Farmhouse Wall Decor, Rustic Signs…

Here, I once again listed my focus keyword at the beginning of my title. Instead of giving item details afterward, I listed additional keyword phrases.


Using a high-quality focus keyword is a traditionally accepted strategy for both Etsy SEO and general SEO. If you can rank for your focus keyword, you’ll get lots of traffic and hopefully lots of sales.


If you don’t rank for your focus keyword, you’re listing may be lost in search results forever.


If you are an experienced seller with a long shop history, this could be your perfect method for writing an Etsy title. Otherwise, I’d be careful. If you’re going to use this method, be sure to use all of your characters in your title!

Method #3: Word Variety Strategy

Did you know that the Etsy search algorithm will mix and match words from our titles and tags to show results to customers?  That’s why sometimes, our items are found in searches for keywords that we don’t always have listed word-for-word in either our titles or tags.

The word variety method for writing Etsy titles is based on this knowledge. Here’s how it works: Start with a really great long-tail keyword. You’ll use this as your focus keyword  Put it at the beginning of the title, the first sentence of your description, and in your tags (just like you did in method #2.)

Then, you’ll write a readable title that includes a great variety of terms that people may use (in any combination) to search for an item like yours. The greater the number of unique words that you include in either your title or your tags, the greater your chances are of being found in search.

Here’s an example:

Sterling Silver Starfish Earrings –  .25 Inch Small, Simple Beach Themed Gifts and Novelty Jewelry for Young Women and Girls

I used the keyword phrase sterling silver starfish earrings. Then I finished the title with a variety of descriptors that could be mixed and matched within the search engine.

I also attempted to NOT repeat any words in this title.  In this method, repeated words are a waste of title and tag space!


This works pretty well for Etsy SEO and for readability. It also tends to give a lot of information to help customers.


Etsy prefers exact matches for relevancy in your titles and tags. You will have one exact match in your long-tail keyword, but that’s it.

Recommendation: This method of writing Etsy titles and tags is worth a try for both new and experienced sellers. Give it a go, and see if it works for you.

Method #4: Keyword Function Method

This method is pretty simple: Choose high-quality long tail keywords that serve different functions to write your Etsy title.

For example, you could try this formula:
Exactly what your item is + Exactly what your item would be used for + Exactly who would use your item and why (Lifestyle, Gifts, Style, Unique Identifiers, etc.)

Here’s what this Etsy listing title might look like:
Home Sweet Home Wood Sign, Entryway Wall Decor, Farmhouse Style Realtor Housewarming Gifts 

Another example:

Sterling Silver Starfish Stud Earrings, Beach Jewelry, Simple Birthday Gift for Girls


This method is a good way for Etsy sellers to avoid writer’s block. It can provide consistency as you systematize your Etsy SEO. If you research your keywords, this method is also good for SEO.


It’s possible that you could miss a lot of search terms and keyword in this type of title.


If you’re stuck for ideas, this method is a great way to get your brain working! You may want to include multiple keyword phrases within each functional category so you don’t miss important terms.

Method #5: Mix and Match

Mix some strategies together! Truly, this is how I do Etsy SEO these days. I’ll mix a general focus keyword with a long-tail keyword, then add in several readable unique search terms.

Here’s what I mean:
Home Sweet Home Wood Sign – 8×11 Inch Farmhouse Style Plaques and Rustic Signs, Housewarming Gifts, Entryway Decor


This method could combine the best of all of the methods.


It might really confuse you, the search engine, AND the customers!


If you find a combination method that works for your Etsy store, use it! However, you do want to use best practices for Etsy SEO, so don’t experiment with this method if you’re not comfortable taking risks.

How To Write Etsy Titles for Your Shop

If you’re struggling to get views in your Etsy shop, I’d suggest that you use these methods to run some small-scale Etsy SEO experiments on your least viewed listings. Find a method that works for you!


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