My Favorite Fonts For Creative Business Owners

Fonts For Creative Business Owners

I know there are a lot of free fonts out there. They are fine to use for personal projects, but when it comes to choosing fonts for your creative business, you want to protect yourself with a commercial license.

Below are a variety of my favorites fonts for creative business owners. I frequently use each of them for design and for use with my vinyl cutter. When you purchase any of them, you receive a commercial license, so they are typically safe to use for business.


Isabella is the perfect calligraphy font for design and cutting. The collection contains quite a few alternatives as well as fancy beginning and ending letters if you have access to a glyphs panel. The font can be used in two different styles.

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I really, really love Argent. I think its a great serif collection, and I’m always impressed with it because there are so many weights and options. Argent is a little bit bookish, but in a modern and original way.

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Be Bright

If you’re looking for a unique and modern handbrushed font for your designs, try Be Bright. It’s actually a great font to use if you do not have Adobe Illustrator because the swashes are not created through a glyphs panel. Instead, they are added using a separate version of the font.

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Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful is fun, modern, and a little bit edgy. It comes with two styles along with alternates, extras, and swashes.

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Hanley is my favorite vintage font collection. It comes with 9 fonts that you can mix and match to create a cohesive industrial or vintage design. Hanley also comes with 2 extras collections to add some style to your projects.

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