Build An Etsy Shipping Workstation For Your Handmade Business

Why You Need An Etsy Shipping Workstation

If you don’t have a dedicated Etsy shipping workstation, getting your handmade goods ready to ship can get really messy, really fast.

Creating a dedicated area for packing and shipping will make your shipping process (and your life) easier. It will help you avoid confusion, keep your home as organized as possible, and reduce possible shipping mistakes. You don’t want to accidentally send the wrong item to a customer. Or include a dirty sock in a package…

An Etsy shipping workstation will also streamline your shipping process, allowing you to spend less time packing and more time building your business. After all, your time is your most important resource!

One Etsy Shipping Workstation Idea

Follow along, and I’ll show you how I created a shipping station for my own handmade business. It’s not the only way to create an Etsy shipping station, but it solved many of my shipping-related problems (storing a variety of different size boxes, limited space, sloped ceiling, etc.). Let it be a starting point to help you create a dedicated shipping space that you can personalize for your own needs.

Etsy shipping workstation

How To Build Your Etsy Shipping Workstation

To build my shipping station, I first set up two, 4-shelf metal storage units. Instead of placing them flush against the wall, I set them perpendicular to the wall and spaced them appropriately for the size of my office.

I purchased mine at Home Depot, but these shelves on Amazon are the same thing. The nice thing about these metal units are the adjustable shelves. You can set all 4 shelves as high or as low as you need.

Build The Base

etsy shipping workstation

Buy two of these shelving units to set the base for your shipping station.

Get Your Shelving UNits Here For more storage, Use 5-Shelf Units

These metal shelves will hold all of your boxes as well as your labels, tape, and stationary.

Saving your space + sanity. Priceless.

Add The Shelves

Etsy shipping workstation

After I set up the metal shelving units, I simply placed 3 pieces of MDF across the 3 bottom shelves. I didn’t attach them at all. Just place them where you want them and you’re ready to stack boxes.

When you go to the store, you will be looking for 1/2 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. medium density fiberboard. I purchased mine at Home Depot for something like $11 a piece.

You can also get them on Amazon here. 

Top It Off

My top shelf is an aspen edge-glued panel from the Home Depot. It’s currently unfinished, and I kind of like the look. (Though my plan was always to finish it!) You can paint, stain, and finish it to match your own style.

You’ll find these wooden panels in the lumber section of the Home Depot or Lowes. This particular panel is 3/4 inch thick x 2 feet wide x 4 feet long. You’ll want to make sure the panel is pretty thick (at least 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch) because you may be leaning on it or writing on it.

etsy shipping workstation

Double Duty

Because my room isn’t large enough for a shipping workstation and a desk, this unit doubles as a desk, and it works out perfectly.

Etsy seller shipping workstation

If your shipping station is also going to be a desk, it is probably a good idea to get yourself a stool or chair. This one was incredibly cheap.

Get this stool here

Extras To Personalize Your Space

Depending on your own needs, you may want to add baskets, a shipping scale, desk organizers, and/or a lamp. My recommendations are below, but it’s completely up to you!

Etsy shipping workspace
etsy shipping station

Keep your stationary, stickers, and shipping supplies organized with some baskets!

A thank you sticker will show your customers that you care. (And they’re really cheap.)

Etsy shipping workstation

Keep it all organized (and stylish) with a gold pencil holder.

I wrap my package my items in white newsprint and twine before I ship them out.

Etsy Shipping Workstation

Shipping Necessities

I bought my fancy light at IKEA. It has three levels of brightness and really lights up my workspace. Check out this lamp for a similar effect.

Etsy shipping

If you’re trying to save space, the Dymo label maker is the way to print shipping labels. It can sit on the top of your shipping station.

Here are some 4 x 6 labels for your Dymo label maker. This is probably the most affordable way to print labels. The Dymo is thermal, so it doesn’t use ink, and the labels are cheap.

Dymo labels for etsy shipping
Etsy shipping

A shipping scale is non-negotiable. When shipping a product, you need to know the weight so the customer doesn’t end up having to pay extra. Get this affordable shipping scale here. 

How Do You Pack?

When you are designing your shipping work station, make sure you leave a space for your shipping paper, bubble wrap, and tape.

I purchase all of these goodies on Amazon. It’s really the easiest way to do it. You’ll find all of products I use below.

Get Started With Your Own Etsy Seller Workstation

Creating an Etsy seller shipping station is not difficult or too expensive. It’s going to make your life easier, and you’re going to be a happier and more efficient seller in the end.

For additional reading, check out this article on shipping stations from the Etsy Seller Handbook.

You can also check out my resource page for handmade sellers here.  

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