7 Secrets for Getting Five-Star Reviews on Etsy

Getting five-star reviews on Etsy doesn’t have to be one of life’s incredible mysteries. Check out these tips to generate happier customers.

7 Secrets For Getting Five-Star Reviews on Etsy

1. Create Quality Control Standards

Delivering an excellent product is the most fundamental step in receiving five-star reviews on Etsy. Customers are happy when they receive a high-quality product. It’s that simple.

It may be helpful to break the idea of a making a high-quality product into two steps:

1.) Pre-Production    Design a high-quality product before physically making it or listing it on Etsy.

Consider both your materials and process. How can you best meet the needs of your ideal customer?

2.) Post-Production  Ensure that each product that you make meets strict quality control standards.

Create a quality control checklist by identifying what makes a product acceptable or unacceptable. Hang this checklist up in your shipping area and use it to examine your product before packaging.

If there is anything about your product that makes you doubt that a customer would be happy, take action. Fix it or remake it.

2. Be Extraordinarily Clear in Your Description and Photos

The more information the customer has about the product prior to purchasing, the happier the customer will be when she receives it.

When I opened my shop, I originally received some feedback that customers were unhappy about the size of my product.  I decided to use this feedback to make some important changes in my shop. I immediately began offering different size variations with corresponding prices. I used the description section to describe each size choice in detail. I also created a size variation photo to visually represent my size offerings.

I may have been upset about the negative feedback at first, but it actually improved my business model and increased both my sales and profit by forcing me to be much clearer in both my photos and descriptions.

How can you improve your listings and photos to include helpful information for your customer?

Think about color charts, detailed descriptions of materials, photos illustrating the size of your product, and photos of your product at all angles.

3. Under Promise + Over Deliver

One of the best ways to make customers happy is to give them more than they expected.

Here’s an example: Since I am a one-person shop, I keep my processing times fairly long. I don’t want my customers unhappy if I unexpectedly experience an illness, a change of plans in my personal life, or have too much work at my 9-5 to make products right away.

While my processing times may stop some people from purchasing, the customers who do purchase are prepared to wait for their order. And because I almost always get orders out ahead of schedule, I tend to have customers who are happy with shipping times.

Over-delivering doesn’t just apply to processing times. Customers on Etsy appreciate the special touches that make Etsy such a personal platform. Can you package your items in a way that feels special? Here’s a quick read from the Etsy Seller Handbook to give you some packaging ideas. 

I include a handwritten thank you card on branded stationary with every order. Multiple customers have commented on this in their reviews. If this is not possible for you, what else can you offer that will bring the same impact?

How can you deliver more than a customer expects?

4. Remind Customers To Leave a Review

When you send an order, include a review card in your package. On this card, politely ask your customer to leave a five-star review on Etsy. It’s also not a bad idea to include written directions for leaving a review on Etsy. While it seems intuitive for most of us, it’s not always easy for customers to navigate the website with ease.

You should note that while it’s perfectly acceptable on Amazon, Etsy’s Terms of Service does not permit you to send additional messages to customers asking them to review their order, so you’ll need to include printed requests for reviews inside your package.

You can download a free thank you card/review packaging insert here:


5. Offer Preventative Customer Service

On my review card, I also provide a clear method of contact should a customer need to contact me about an order.

Also note that I avoid using negative language on the card. I don’t say, “If you have a problem, email me.” I’d rather keep customer service as positive as possible rather than immediately suggesting that there may be an issue.

This episode of The Merriweather Council Podcast provides additional suggestions for this type of preventative customer service.

Another strategy for getting five-star reviews on Etsy is to email the customer after their order has been delivered. Check to make sure the product has arrived and that it is in good shape. Customers will appreciate the personal touch.

6. Offer Superior Customer Service. All of the time. To all of your customers. 

When I shop, I have no tolerance for poor customer service. In fact, I’d rather leave a store than purchase something from a salesperson who completely ignores me.

Don’t let your brand be associated with poor customer service. In fact, why not rise above the competition by offering the best customer service on Etsy?

If a customer contacts you about an issue, make it right. Find out how you can fix the issue, and do it. To me, it is better to lose a little bit of money making a customer happy than it is to stick strictly to your policies and get a one-star review.

At the same time, mitigate any customer service disasters with clear communication. Let’s say that something went wrong in your production process, and you now need to remake a product. This is going to add another week on to your processing time. Instead of pretending it didn’t happen, let the customer know that the order is going to take a bit longer.

Read more about my no-nonsense Etsy customer service philosophy here.

7. Immediately Address Negative Reviews

Before I go on, let’s all note that I did not say “Immediately Respond to Negative Reviews.” While Etsy allows sellers to respond to reviews that are 3-stars or less, this tactic should be used only as the last case scenario, and your response should be carefully constructed in a professional manner.

Instead, if someone leaves you a negative review, contact them immediately and offer to fix the problem. What can you do to make this person happier? If it is nothing, it’s okay. Do better next time and move on. Most problems, however, can be solved with a little bit of generosity and patience on your part. Offer to replace the item. Refund part of the cost. Provide a coupon code for their next order.

You may be surprised to see how many customers change their review after you fix the issue.


How are you getting five-star reviews on Etsy? Share your ideas below!


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