One Great Tip For Etsy Selling Success

If you’ve ever spent some time in Etsy Seller Facebook groups, you know that Etsy sellers are notorious for complaining about customers.

“A customer says the color isn’t right…”

“She says that her package was never delivered…”

“My policies clearly state that I don’t accept returns…”

“How do I deal with a crazy customer?” 

The list of complaints (as well as passive aggressive questions) goes on and on.

Honestly, it’s exhausting!

Here’s the thing, I understand that there are customers who will never be happy. I get that maybe you got an unfair review. I know that packages get lost, and sometimes this is blamed on you as an Etsy seller.

But as a professional Etsy seller, you are a business, and your voice online represents your brand.

Businesses that offer excellent customer service are successful businesses. Businesses that complain about their customers on social media look tacky.

Think About Your Own Customer Service Experiences

Let’s do this: think about the businesses you patronize. Name one that provides excellent customer service. What specifically does this business do to provide excellent customer service? As a customer, how do you feel about this business?

Now think about a business that has really pissed you off. What happened? How did they treat you? Were you frustrated? Angry, even? Did you say mean things? Did you send angry emails?

How do you want people to feel about your business?

Imagine Your Business With Stellar Customer Service

What if, instead of complaining on Facebook, you simply provided excellent customer service?

It’s not just rhetorical. I really want you to think about this! Picture yourself providing excellent customer service. What specifically are you doing to provide this service?

Now think about the consequences. If you provided excellent customer service all of the time:

  • Would you get more 5-star reviews?
  • Would you get fewer negative reviews?
  • Would you turn an unhappy customer into an extraordinarily grateful customer?
  • Would you have more return customers?
  • Would a customer change a negative review into a positive review?
  • Would the world be a happier place?

Yes. The answer to all of these questions is yes.

Customer Service is the Key to Etsy Selling Success

So what’s my one tip for Etsy selling success?

Provide excellent customer service.

I’m not saying that you should let customers take advantage of you. Use clearly written policies to guide your customer service decisions.

I am saying, however, to stop complaining and to start being professional.

When you go out of your way to fix problems that may or may not be your fault, customers appreciate your time and effort. They view your business as more professional. They feel positive feelings toward your brand, and you earn a loyal following.

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